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con·spi·cu·i·ty (kon-spi-que-i-tee) n.

The quality of being conspicuous; obviousness.

You can buy a cheaper vest but why would you!
original Motorcycle specific vest - Made in the U.S.A.


Over 30 Years of serving bikers.



.Why Choose Conspicuity?


  • Conspicuity vests are durable & adjustable fitting over any jacket
  • They can be worn in the rain and clean up with simple soap and water
  • The heavy mesh and heavy zipper allow for years of use
  • The prismatic reflective tape is visible daytime and night time
  • Our vests are lightweight and space-saving as well as customizable
  • Vests meet Military and Federal mandated specs
  • On hot days, the mesh allows airflow to keep you cool!

..Conspicuity Brand vests are made in the USA and have been serving bikers for over 30 years

S.O.S., LLC is an official sponsor of the Glory Flag Bike Team

Conspicuity is a Brand owned by SOS, LLC


SOS is a distributor of

Glo Gloves where created for traffic control. They give added visibilty to your hands and helps traffic recognize your hand signals.

SOS lighting has being added to the Conspicuity website.

Here is what's new!

Conspicuity Brand has added a new line of armbands in all 8 conspicuity colors! Check these high quality bands out. Increase your visibility. Lettering available.

Our line of vests now include inexpensive lightweight vests to use for Roadside walking, jogging, assistance, construction, etc.

The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety focuses on Conspicuity to reduce crashes. Click here:

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

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